Shades of Grey

A little over a year ago, Amber won the Patternfall War, although with the deaths of Benedict and Fiona, the cost was high. For Chaos, however, the cost was higher. His Majesty King Random, duly appointed by the Unicorn, in his magnanimity, did his best to preserve the Courts of Chaos from the wave coming from Amber to destroy them, but his efforts were not wholly successful and on 40% of that once-great land now remains.

A lot can happen in a year.

Random is missing, and Eric - once thought dead - is King in Amber. Swayvill is dead, and his nephew, Mandor Barimen-Sawall, rules in Chaos. Now, as Eric's hatred of Chaos has come to the fore, the universe seems to be spiraling once more to conflict.

Will this be the war to end all wars? Or can the battle to come be avoided?

Welcome to Shades of Grey

As there is a certain degree of background building needed, in keeping with the House structures and timeline written for the game, it would be useful to the GMs if you could contact us in advance of the con with at least your primary choice of parentage or House, plus a rough background which will hopefully help us to assign the other half of your parentage. 

If this is going to be a problem, then please contact the GMs as soon as possible.

Character Creation

Characters are based on 100pts plus either 25pt basic Pattern or 25pts of Shapeshift

These points can be spent in one of four areas: attributes, powers, items and mundane skills. In addition, non-family allies are available at 1pt per ally - family allies cannot be bought. After all, you can choose your friends, you can't choose your family.

Attributes speak for themselves - we're using the standard Amber ones. Powers will be bought on a Partial Powers system. 

Stuff is limited to +/-5pts.

The character creation details, including the partial powers system, can be found here.


Both a long-term and short-term timeline are available to help you get a feel for the world of Shades of Grey. 

It would be helpful if players especially took a look at at the short-term history (Recent Events), as this information is more specifically relevant to the game. However, the macro timeline is available if people are interested in getting a feel for the history of the world or ideas of which Houses they might want to belong to.

Recent Events Macro History

Character Background

All characters will be children of both ends of the Universe, and while they are likely to have stronger links to one end of the universe or the other, they will be aware of the second half of their heritage.

Players can choose either their Amber or their Chaos parent - the other will be assigned by the GM, although suggestions may be taken into account if they seem to fit. It is not necessary to define your Amber parent if you opt for the free Pattern option, and likewise you do not have to define your Chaos parent if you go for shapeshift - you can choose the other. However, it is likely that whichever one you choose will be the one you have the strongest links with.

For parentage, on the Amber side, Eric and Caine are not available. Pretty much everyone else is. Details of the Amber family can be found here.
On the Chaos side, Swayvill, Mandor and Suhuy are not available as options. Of the rest, a detailed rundown of the Chaos Houses can be found here.

An assortment of additional information which is vaguely relevant to the Shades of Grey is also available by following the following links:

Additional information on Amber Additional information on Chaos 

Whichever side of the fence you choose to be on, you need to consider the answers to the following questions:

1. Do you consider yourself to be an Amberite, a Chaosian, or neither specifically?

2. How do you feel about the other side?

3. Did you fight in the Patternfall War? and if so, for whom? 

4. Have you sworn allegiance to either Eric or Mandor?

5. How well do you get on with your chosen parent (be it Amber or Chaos)? what about the other one?

6. How well known are you in either Amber or Thelbane, outside of your immediate family?

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