Great Expectations

Regent Gerard stood on the highest tower of Amber Castle and looked out over his domain. The chimneys of the factories in downtown reflected the booming economy. The stock market was up. The logging in Arden was on schedule. The building of the cathedral was well under way. The iron clad navy were setting sail to act for Amber's diplomatic efforts. And just outside the downtown gate he could see the smoke plume of the 20.15 Garnath Express as it pulled out of the station. 

Gerard looked and was satisfied. Things were going rather well.

Welcome to the Victorian Amber of Great Expectations

Due to the nature of the game, and the limited time available in Slot One, it is important that the GMs receive details of characters in advance of the Con, so that influence, parentage, etc can be handled beforehand. 

If this is going to be a problem, then please contact the GMs as soon as possible.

Character Creation

The characters are young Amberites in the 15-20 age group, brought into Amber before the rest of the family set off for the Patternfall War ten years ago. All characters are to be built on 75pts, with which they can purchase powers, items and skills. 

In addition to this, there are also 25pts available for influence in various areas around Palace and City. 

The character creation details can be found here.

Details of the family are available here.

The City of Amber

You remember Amber City as it was when you were first brought here by your parents: a medieval city of perhaps one hundred thousand souls, made up largely of wooden buildings, with farmers markets, knights in armour and fine livery riding through the streets, beautiful women in medieval costumes, and Amber's fleet, the greatest sailing force ever assembled, moored in and around the makeshift harbour. Even up in the castle, amenities were basic to say the least - after all, glass in the windows and hot and cold running water just did not fit the air of the place. Banquets of roast boar and roast venison were the norm, with minstrels, jesters and acrobats amusing the family when they were at home. 

When His Majesty, King Oberon, sent your parents, brothers and sisters to fight at the Gates of Chaos, before going to repair the Pattern, the scene was of coloured banners, lords taking their ladies favours, archers, crossbowmen and swordsmen lined up in ranks. 

However, then came the storm, and with it the Change, since which, Amber has never been the same.

The new Amber is a city of opportunity.
Are you one of the movers and shakers, or one of those who will be left behind ?